UE4 environment wip! "The trial"

Work In Progress / 10 July 2020

I've been dabbing at this environment for a couple months whenever I have a little time. Its a trail leading up to a temple some time in the feudal japan era, possibly walking past some graves, to a final fight? Still ironing out the who, what, & when as I make the basic assets like grass, trees, etc.

I settled on a golden hour type lighting  post storm, after trying out some overcast, mid day etc. I'm not the best lighter but I thought it would give me more interesting lighting to play with, & switch up things from other pieces I've worked on color wise. 

-One of my goals for this project is to be more conscious of color palettes and composition.  My thinking is that the first part of the path should feel welcoming, and as you get closer to the temple (more graves, more signs of a battle that happened), the trees get more red indicating blood shed.

All critiques welcome, thanks!

Current status:  

Blockout from a few weeks back: