First photogrammetry test.

Took advantage of today's overcast to finally try out some photogrammetry. 133 images built at medium quality, I think this is something that may become addicting!

Dual height fog

Little experiment during lunch with the new dual height fog that comes with 4.23, pretty neat!


Emissive lighting exploration

I haven't explored how powerful the emissive lighting feature is in unreal yet, here's a first dab at it. This is just a plane with a basic parallaxed material, and a dome with an image of a tokyo street plugging into the emissive slot. Really simple to get something moody! As far as I know, this only works with baked static lighting, give it a try!

UE4 Exercise

Post siggraph I was inspired by all the real time projects VFX houses are doing in Unreal 4, especially the MPC peeps who demoed the Lion King and the Quixel team on rebirth. This was a title exercise with quixel assets to become a little more familiar with UE4's cinematic camera & console commands, as well as some natural lighting and clumping. 




Photography - Siggraph

In between environment projects, I like decompressing by going back to look at photos & do some editing, here's a few while I was in LA during siggraph! 

Panther sketch

A little panther sketch in zbrush to get out of my comfort zone, and mess with some BPR rendering & photoshop :)